Back to Home Base

Last month, I ran an 8k cross country race in Charlotte. On the hour drive home, I called my dad to give him a rough race report. He gave me some updates from home, and was about to hang up.   “Dad,” I said. “I’m not ok.”   And that’s when I broke.    … Continue reading Back to Home Base


The Year of the Food Metaphor

2018 dipped me in ranch dressing and swallowed me whole.   In January, I was coming off the best cross country race of my life. One injury and a series of major decisions later, I was in a new state with a new career.     I thought change would bring me joy. So I… Continue reading The Year of the Food Metaphor

Baby Bird

When I moved back home in June, there was a robin’s nest by the front door. My dad was excited to show me the baby birds.   “I’ve been watching them grow up,” he said. “They’re learning to fly.”   As he peeled back a tree branch, all that remained was an empty nest. The… Continue reading Baby Bird

Word Vomit

Let’s start with this: I don’t follow many professional runners on social media.   I LOVE social media. Recently, I’ve been binging on social media marketing webinars for the pure fun of it. I like that I can stay in touch with my friends in Norway, athletes I know personally, old teammates, and so many… Continue reading Word Vomit


My first year of college was terrible.   I kept my roommate up Skyping friends back home until 3 AM. I missed home so much, I had my parents pick me up every other weekend. I walked onto the cross country team and sucked so much, I eventually slid down to the slowest runner on… Continue reading Lifelines